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The Undiscovered Cast

Everyone who appeared or made The Undiscovered had never been involved in making a movie before. Volunteers were sought from the community, whether it was a speaking parts, extras, dancing or make-up. Over 200 people appeared in the film and these are the details of some of the main actors and production crew.

‘Ian - The Director’ - Played by: Ian Cheyne
‘Ian the Director’ comes to the village in advance of the film crew. He’s not very fond of children and his big city ways don’t impress the landlady. Originally from the North East of Scotland,  Ian Cheyne has made his home in Midlothian. He didn’t know what he was getting involved in when he said ‘yes’ to Jackie but has enjoyed his time in the movies.

‘The Landlady’ - Played by: Pamela Osborne
‘The Landlady’ isn’t very keen on having customers when there’s a full moon, but she knows how to deal with these city types. Originally from Penicuik, Pam was keen to get involved in the film and had the perfect house for a B&B – so the part was hers!

‘Child’ - Played by: Dylan Wadee
The ‘Child’ reveals a bit too much to ‘The Director’ – but is he believed? Dylan is nearly 7 years old and has always been keen on performing – though he would have preferred some more costume changes.

Jackie Gibb – Director & Producer and Original Screenplay
Jackie is a talented artist, inspired by a little boy’s remarks about werewolves living in the local woods, she decided that a film was just what we needed and asked Iain to do the photography.

Iain Hyslop  - Director & Producer, Photography and Editing
Iain (already renowned for his home movies) loved the idea of making a film that the whole community could be involved in.

Coline Hyslop - Production and Gossip #1
Coline did some filming of ‘The Wicker Tree’ crew at work and general assistance and publicity – also in charge of setting up Temple Film Society.

All images © The Undiscovered Movie 2010